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About Our Church

St. Augustine SDA Church

Vision and Mission Statement:

To be the most energized, loving, and accepting church; relentlessly pursuing life-changing experiences with Jesus Christ. Our mission statement is



Celebrating Grace one person at a time


Core Values:

Committed to Spiritual Growth

            Seek and enjoy a daily relationship with God through prayer and Bible study

            Discover God’s plan for your life

            Mentor others with guidance from the Holy Spirit

            Adapt to the changing spiritual needs among the youth culture

            Living Biblical Principles with God’s guidance


Embracing and Demonstrating Grace

            Welcome and accept people as they are

            Embody a spirit of forgiveness

            Humble ourselves by putting others’ needs ahead of our own

            Live with Christ-centered transparency

            Welcome warmly and show God’s love


Empowering Members to be and make Disciples

            Engage, encourage, and mentor each member to be a actively involved in      ministry

            Share our testimony of God’s goodness with others

            Learn about God in a fun and fresh way

            Value the personal contribution of all who enter this church

            Embrace and use our spiritual gifts in service for God and others


Mentoring and Nurturing Young People

            Show interest and be attentive to young people’s needs

            Create and maintain meaningful relationships across different age groups

            Provide activities for young people to engage and grow in Christ

            Recognize the importance of & the role young people have in the church

            Commitment to Adventist Christian education and helping children become

            faithful Seventh-Day Adventists


Meeting the Needs of People and the Community

            Touch people’s lives through unconditional love and personal contact

            Teach the value and benefits of the Adventist faith and lifestyle

            Serve our neighbors in a fun group atmosphere

            Live out servant leadership and engage with community endeavors

            Invite people to church to experience the saving power of the Gospel